Facility Expansion & Manufacturing Capacity Planning

Is it time for a new foundry or just expanding the current facility. I-CAST engineers have been Team members engineering two “greenfield”, 50,000 – 120,000 sq. ft., new foundries, 37 new robotic shell systems, and numerous other smaller projects. We can make sure your project is on-time and does not exceed the capital budget.

A 3 – 5 year business plan is made for most companies. Our engineers can implement the spread sheets to plan for the labor, equipment, raw material & required floor space needed to achieve your goals. Be prepared to ramp-up and meet your customer’s requirement or you could lose market share and profits.

Your current engineers have day-to-day task responsibilities to ensure quality castings are shipped. Large projects can take away from their normal duties and your profits will suffer.  Hiring additional engineers is one approach. What do these engineers do after the project is complete? Don’t increase your “overhead”, we can “fill the gap”.

  • 3-5 Year Business Plan
  • Process Specs
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Equipment List
  • Utility Analysis