Company Founder, Greg Farley brings 25 - plus years of knowledge in the investment casting industry. His industry experience runs deep in manufacturing, gained through managerial tenure with three of the industry's leading producers of castings or equipment/system design. He has held positions of industrial engineering manager, facility engineering manager, foundry manager and general manager of equipment sales.

Clients consult Greg for his expertise in robotic systems, skill with integrated "shop-floor" computer work-in-process management systems, and his understanding of specialized pieces of engineered equipment. Greg brings  I-CAST SOLUTIONS clients proven strengths for lean manufacturing, ambitious production goals, improved quality, reduced labor expense, decreased work-in-process levels, lower scrap and associated costs enhanced with employee safety. 

Professional Experience

Project Engineering Director since 2006, I-CAST SOLUTIONS – Nashville, TN
General Manager, VA Technology Ltd. – Cincinnati, OH
Investment Casting Systems General Manager, Vulcan Engineering Co - Helena, Alabama
Investment Casting Foundry Manager, Southern Tool, Inc., Anniston, Alabama
Industrial Engineering Manager, Southern Tool, Inc., Anniston, Alabama
Industrial Engineer, Columbus Foundries, Inc. – Columbus, Georgia


Bachelor of Science – Industrial Engineering – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Professional Affiliation

Investment Casting Institute